Performance, Sunshower


Actual performance is for 22 mints, included dancer, Ayako Takahashi and other 8 artists as performer.


Venue at Ideal Glass Studio, NY, NY

Art director, Yuko Uchida

Sound Composer, Michael Murton

Videography, Nicholas Motyka

Video editing, Lily Huang


Photography, Russ Sharma 

Full stop motion-video of Where You Are.

Performance, Sunshower (one of the part)

Dreamland Full Video

Dreamland Teaser



 Parade -May 18th, 2016 Abbey Road-


The second time of Parade in NYC.

We performed on fifth avenue including in front of Guggenheim Museum and Metropolitan Museum.

After, we performed on the opening reception at National Academy Museum.

The entire Parade was about 2 hours.


 Parade  -teaser video- 


The "Parade" was on March second, 2016 in NYC.

This is a teaser video and full edited video is coming soon.

Edited by Yuko Uchida

Inside the cage


This is an experimental collaboration with Kenichi Nakajima.

We often feel a cage around us in our daily life. We were craving to break the cage and aspired to change our inside. In this work, we painted and sculpted to show our desire on canvas on the wall, in 200 x 200 sq. feet studio for 10 hours in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 2015. 

04:53 mints. Video edited by Kenichi Nakajima




The performance Beat, with Kenichi Nakajima at Ideal Glass Studio in November, 2015.

The whole performance was about 20 minutes.  

Edited by Yuko Uchida


 Experiment for Shadow Installation 

Stop-motion animation

 Collaborated Art performance video

I had the performance with two other artists in December, 2014 in Brooklyn.

This is the teaser video and edited by Noriko Nakano.









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