Yuko Uchida was born in Japan and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Uchida studied Fashion Design at Nagoya College of Fashion. During this time, she assisted several fashion photographers, which inspired her to switch her creative focus towards fine arts. In 2007, Uchida moved to New York City and began her studies in drawing, printmaking and installation art at National Academy School of Fine Arts.
Her experience in Fashion Design served her well and continues to inform her art as she repeatedly uses fabric, line and form in her constructions.
In 2009, Uchida was awarded the prestigious David McFadden award from the ISE Cultural Foundation. Her work was exhibited in ISE Selected Young Artists Show at Tamada Project Museum Tokyo, Japan in December.
In 2013, her work was selected in the 6th showcase competition in ArtSlant.
In 2017, she performed with her collaborators in her works at Judson Memorial Church, National Academy Museum, Ideal Glass Studio and Fort Tilden.
She has been participating in group exhibitions in New York City and Tokyo and has been published in publications and newspapers stateside and abroad including Hyperallergic, Art Observed, Arts Life and Arti.NYC.
As of August 2018, Yuko’s artwork is featured in UNIQLO’s Autumn/Winter 2018 advertisements, in stores and on websites worldwide.


-Artist Statement-

I am a woman full of conflicted emotions many of them stemming from childhood experiences that still resonate with me today.
As a young girl, I experienced love and violence from my parents, as well as bullying from my classmates in school.

It was confusing to be surrounded by so many diverse and sometimes conflicting emotions such as suspicion, loneliness, shame, anger, and joy. I was keenly aware that I had to suppress myself. 

All these experiences have shaped my identity as the woman that I am today. In my work, I give voice to these complex and unspoken feelings, bearing witness to the particularities of my experience and giving free expression to my personal truth. The themes that repeat themselves in my work have to do with fragmentation, brokenness, entrapment, and self-realization.

I work in varied mediums including performance and stop- motion video. The finished product sometimes results in flat mixed media pieces, and other times in installations or sculptures made from unconventional materials.

Although I am working with complex themes, there is often an element of playfulness and humor in my work.







2009年、イセ文化基金NYギャラリーで行われた、アート学生展覧会 in NY 2009David McFadden賞を受賞。同年12月にタマダプロジェクトにより行われた、ISE Selected Young Artists Showに参加。


Hyperallergic, Art Observed, Arts Life 等のアート誌でも取り上げられている。

2018年の秋冬にUNIQLOのクリエイターシリーズに起用。2018, 12月から2019, 1月にかけて、Chashama 14streetで初の個展開催。パフォーマンスアートで知られる、Judson Memorial Churchで毎年行われるパフォーマンスフェスティバルへの参加もしている



 -Artist Statement-


















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