The core of my work is inspired by emotions and memories born out of the trauma I experienced in childhood.

As a young girl, I experienced love and violence from my parents. It was confusing to be surrounded by so many diverse and sometimes conflicting emotions such as suspicion, loneliness, shame, anger, and joy.  

I was keenly aware that I had to suppress myself.

I was always dreaming and was making my own fantasy to get out from the world around me.

All these experiences have shaped my identity as the woman that I am today.


In my work, I give voice to these complex and unspoken feelings, bearing witness to the particularities of my experience and giving free expression to my personal truth.  

The themes that repeat themselves in my work have to do with fragmentation, brokenness, entrapment, and self-realization.


I work in varied mediums sometimes resulting in flat mixed media pieces, and other times in installations or sculptures made from unconventional materials.I often employ fabric and wire in my work, creating my own take on sculptures, tapestries.

Although I am working with complex themes, there is often an element of playfulness and humor in my work.













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