✴︎Happy Holidays✴︎

** The payment system has not been ready yet on my website. If you have questions about works and purchase process, please Contact me here or through DM on Instagram. This holiday store will be open through December 2021. Please visit this page again, I will change works constantly during this event!





- Saatchi art online ←← My works are available here as well. (I'll upload new works by end of November 2021. Affordable prints will be available.)

- Saatchi art online ←←こちらのロンドンのギャラリーサイトから、日本や海外からでも、私の作品の購入をして頂けます。(新しい作品も2021年11月末までにアップロードします。低価格のプリントも購入可能になります。)

In a stripe shirt/ Sculpture/ Flower vase

Grazed ceramic.  10 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches



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